Round 10 – Think Mental Health Round – Eaton Boomers v Collie

Come and join us for Round 10 of the 2019 season – Think Mental Health Round!

Eaton Boomers v Collie
Glen Huon Reserve, Eaton
Sunday 23rd June 2019

Colts 9:00am
Reserves 11:05am
Women 1.10pm
League 2:30pm

Canteen and Bar facilities open.

If you’re worried about someone but don’t know where to start, simply letting them know you care can make a difference. By simply being there for someone, they can feel less alone and more supported to open up and talk about how they are really feeling.

Find an opportunity during everyday life activities to start the conversation and ask them how they are really feeling. Try activities such:

• going for a walk
• doing the dishes
• going out for a coffee or meal
• kicking the footy, playing a game, skateboarding, surfing etc with a friend
• going for a drive
• gardening
• anything that encourages or provides opportunity to have a chat.

Ask open questions about how they are feeling. Questions such as, ‘What’s happening in your life at the moment?’ If you just get back ‘fine’, ask them how they’re really feeling.


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